Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiger Woods Divorce Gets Attention from Gamblers

Tiger Woods' divorce from Elin Nordegren's not even close to being in court and already the game of guessing and betting on the Tiger Woods divorce settlement is afoot. This is wild. I've never seen so great a fall from grace that people are betting on his life's affairs. has even odds that the divorce will happen in 2010. took bets on the possibility of domestic violence charges after the car accident. David Dusek at is reporting that the settlement betting range is between $100 million and $500 million. This is going to get real messy. It's already messy. A divorce would only result in both of their lives being placed wide out in the open beyond even what we see today. Does Elin want that? I wonder if she thought that much beyond current events. My guess now is that the reason she wants a divorce is Tiger Woods wants to play Golf. Remember her deal: Golf or me. Well, he chose her but now it seems he's having second thoughts.
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