Monday, August 24, 2009

Fenorris Pearson, The Consummate Executive


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When asked why he decided to go against the grain, and not be just another business executive climbing the corporate ladder without a value system, Fenorris Pearson responds, “It’s the way I was taught, and I want my sons to understand how to really play the game at the top.”

Pearson is an entrepreneur, innovator and human capital expert, and currently serves as CEO of Global Consumer Innovation, Inc. As former As Vice-President of Global Consumer Innovation and Global Capability Group for Dell, Fenorris managed over 400 employees globally located in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Through his vast corporate knowledge and experience, Pearson is reshaping the face of corporate America through teaching executives leadership development, enhancement, and skill capability. This philosophy is known as The Consummate Executive.

Traditionally, corporations have completely focused on results. The corporate leaders at Enron would do anything for results; lie, cheat, steal, and destroy employee’s and client’s lives. Their impact of their careless decisions are far-reaching and resulted in what seemed to be a domino-effect of improper corporate infrastructure being brought to the forefront for global display.

When you think of the state of corporate America today, there must be a renewal of the mindset of seeking results at all cost, without maintaining a high level of integrity and values. Even obtaining a certain amount of success, there is a need to build the complete executive to deter the temptation of making selfish decisions that result in stained reputations and overwhelming loss. The Consummate Executive understands that playing the game isn’t just about winning, but about excelling with longevity.

Executives should possess strong values and beliefs from an integrity perspective. Through this leadership piece, Pearson bridges the gap between students who are academically prepared, but not equipped for corporate realities. The Consummate Executive is prepared to transition out of college into the corporate infrastructure, and realizes that winning equals success. But is it that simple?

Corporations are in business to win, but Pearson teaches that executives should not win at any expense. He’s not interested in treating people unfairly, or operating through ego, but understanding business needs, translating the needs into best practices, and take expertise to infuse service, sales and retail with skills and the innovation needed to compete and win. Enter, The Consummate Executive. Find out how to become a Consummate Executive at


Fenorris Pearson is the CEO of Global Consumer Innovation, INC ( and one of the youngest people ever to be a VP of two fortune 50 companies (Dell and Motorola), a feat he completed before turning age 40. An avid Philanthropist, Fenorris is currently serving on three boards: Alonzo Mourning Charities located in Miami, FL, Imagine Schools of Central Texas located in Austin, TX, and SIFE: Students In Free Enterprise. To find out more information visit

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