Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Millionaire Mentor: The Importance of Sleep

The follow is an excerpt from “The Millionaire Mentor,” by Dr. Towanna Freeman to buy the book, please visit


Sleep is a big factor if you want to be a happy person. Sleep is needed for the body to be able to function properly. When you don’t get enough sleep you might be moody, have an inability to think clearly, and very unhappy.

You might get 8 hours of sleep but you feel that you’re not getting enough hours of sleep. You may be oversleeping or even be sleeping the wrong way. Some people don’t get a good night’s rest with a pillow while others need a very fluffy pillow. Your mattress could play into a bad night of sleep also.

Sleep is a big factor and lack of sleep can cause problems with your health also. Ensuring total well being requires a good night sleep.

If you are not sleeping well and you have determined the lack of sleep plays into how miserable you are throughout the days you need to fix this. You might need to change your daily schedule so you can get to bed earlier. You also might need to encourage other people in your household to help you a little bit more if you are working too hard.

Sleep can be the entire reason you are miserable. If you have the inability to get to sleep and you toss around all night long staring at the alarm clock this could mean many different things. Some people are very depressed and it causes them not to be able to sleep well. To ensure happiness you need to get a good night of sleep.

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